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North Shore Leisure
October 8 1998
"Talking With The Piano Man, Dave Tabachnick"
     "As the piano gets ready to celebrate it's 300th birthday, two California 
researchers have statistical evidence to support what parents have believed all 
along: Music lessons are beneficial to children. The recently released results of a two-year study by Dr. Frances Rausher and Doctor Gordon Shaw show that 
music lessons improves scholastic performance.
     Piano tuner David Tabachnick always knew that. 
     'Music helps instill a logical order to things in life," said Tabachnick, a former
professional piano player and current president of the Suffolk County Chapter
of the Piano Technicians Guild..."
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The Village Times, Leisure Section

March 26, 1987
"Tuning, Not Tunes For This Musician"

     "He describes his move from piano player, to piano tuner, repairman and rebuilder as a "slow process. lt occurred over a period of time. At first, I did it as my second love, from the time I was a late teenager till the time I was in my early twenties. Then it was no longer my second love, it was my first love. But I didn't give music up right away." Eventually, Tabachnick decided that he found the tuning work more enjoyable than performing."

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Press Release

Today's Piano Tuner Needs To Be Highly Trained Technician
Feb, 1987

     "Fine pianos are still manufactured very much like those of the past. However, maintaining and tuning today's instruments now requires the skills and knowledge of highly trained technicians."
     "It's not that modern pianos are of a lesser quality or in need of more servicing than their ancestors," says LYN ROSS of FRANK & CAMILLE'S KEYBOARD CTRS, "but the ever increasing demands of today's musicians have created a need for expert technicians." 

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